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Run your first 5K
in just a few weeks with workouts designed to your level

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“The Future of Fitness is in Your Ear”

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“I truly don't think I would enjoy running this much if it weren't for Vi.

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My Vi provides me with extra motivation when I feel myself slacking off”

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For someone new to running, Vi could be a very useful tool.”

A truly personalized trainer whose voice guides you

Vi is a guided training program that will get you from 0 to 5K in just a few weeks. Vi gets to know you and designs walks, runs, and interval runs catered to your goals. So, if you're running for the first time or you’re just getting started, don’t worry Vi’s has a plan just for you. Just connect your headphones and Vi will tell you when to walk, when to run, when to speed up or slow down. She’ll help you build endurance and cross that 5K finish line.


She has an adaptive library of walks, walk to runs, and easy runs that’s perfect for beginners.

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Forget static couch to 5K apps – Vi personalizes a training program to YOUR unique needs and goals.

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Vi is with you every step of the way encouraging you to reach your goal.
Vi curates energizing music to get you through every stride.

Vi has done this before:

Using the best techniques from the worlds best running coaches, she’s backed by proven coaching philosophies.

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“I can run!! I’ve never been able to run more then a couple miles and with Vi somehow I was able to cross it.”
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Be ready to participate in Vi’s Virtual 5K

March 18


Experience a virtual race that’s unlike any other. You'll compete with people from around the world any time, anywhere on March 18. Run on a treadmill or go outside, whatever is most convenient for you. Hear your stats and how you're doing on the leaderboard all in real-time.

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