Vi AI Personal Trainer

$149 $129

5-7 business days
  • Cloud-based AI coaching engine
  • Aerospace-grade biosensors such as heart rate, motion, elevation, proximity and touch
  • Beautiful sound by Harmon Kardon
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 6-8 hours of active use
  • iOS and Android compatibility

What do I get?

VI Bio-sensing Headphones with Harman / Kardon audio

Unlimited access to Vi, the world's first AI Personal Trainer

Custom, AI-based Training Plans (5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Walk to Run, Weight Loss)

Carrying Case / Sizing Fit Kit / Micro-USB B charging cable / Quick Start Guide


Tech Specs

Embedded Headphone Sensors:

Heart Rate Sensor (very accurate)

6 axis acelerometer and gyroscope (motion, orientation, angular velocity)

Barometer (elevation)

In-ear detection sensor

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Earbud touch for voice trigger

Connections: Bluetooth, Wireless

Batteries: 1 Lithium ion battery (included)

Battery Life: 4-8 hours (depending on usage)

Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches

Weight: 1.3 oz

Beautiful Sound by Harman/Kardon

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Health Kit, Google Fit, Spotify & Strava Integrations

Voice Control

Phone Calls



What is Vi?

Vi is a first to market, voice-activated AI personal trainer that coaches and motivates you through bio-sensing headphones engineered for optimum sound by Harman Kardon. Vi tracks and measures multiple elements of your workout to provide accurate real-time feedback and coaching to help you to achieve real results (i.e. weight loss, running/cycling improvements, and more). Plus, Vi comes with a free companion mobile application - Vi Fitness (iOS / Android) - that integrates Apple Health, Google Fit, Spotify, and Strava.

Why Vi?

For many people, running or cycling can be dull, boring or even painful. But for 1000's of our current users, Vi has transformed their workouts into fun, sound-fueled experiences that get them into their optimal zone. Vi combines sweat-proof bluetooth headphones with amazing Harman / Kardon audio and space-grade biosensors (including in-ear heart rate). Her voice interacts with you while you workout – getting you to the right speed and pace for your goals, keeping you in your ideal heart rate zone and tracking your performance and records. Take Vi for a spin with confidence. Use our 90-day "No Questions Asked" Return Policy if you don't like the experience - simple as that!

Is Vi worth the price?

For most people, the average monthly cost of a personal trainer is around $250 USD. (Some trainers cost that much PER HOUR!) However, only a few of them have the ability to give you real-time feedback based on your own bio-metric data (heart rate, pace, distance, and step rate) to ensure you're always on-point and improving. With Vi, you get unlimited custom coaching, 24/7 usage (rain or shine), state-of-art technology (audio, six embedded sensors, ergonomic neck band with microphone, bluetooth connectivity, and more) and a real human voice providing fresh, custom content to ensure each Vi experience is better than the previous. For many, Vi provides more value in a couple training sessions than a human personal trainer ever could!

What activities does Vi help you train for?

Vi currently includes support for indoor/outdoor Walking, Jogging, Running, Sprinting, HIIT Runs and Cycling. Our supported activities will continue expanding every few months.

What new features are planned?

The long anticipated indoor running (treadmill) and Training Plans are now live. More music features and social sharing will be released soon, as well as more integrations with popular fitness and nutrition apps. We’re also exploring ways to have Vi support mindfulness (meditation) and overall health. Stay tuned for more on this really exciting area.

What kind of sensors do the Vi headphones have? Can they track my heart rate?

The Vi headphones have a couple different sensors, including a touch sensor (for interacting with Vi), a gyroscope (for rotational motion), accelerometer (for movement or vibrations) and a barometer (for elevation / atmospheric pressure). Plus they house a “custom” sensor that uses visible-light and infrared LEDs along with photodiodes, all in the left ear bud, to determine your heart rate. The headphones can also talk to your iPhone/Android's GPS and Wi-Fi to help with figuring out location and other information.

Do you need a phone to use Vi? If so, what do you support?

Yes, a phone with GPS capabilities is needed so that the Vi Fitness app can start and stop workouts, track biometrics, measure and store data, track features like elevation and location, and play music during training.

We support iOS (9+) and Android OS (Lollipop +) devices however we recommend having the latest OS on any device for the best Vi experience.

Are app and device updates free? What do they include?

Yes. App updates are pushed to your app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. App updates can include various feature improvements (stats, distance, music), appearance, new features, bug fixes and more. Device updates are done over-the-air via BLE to your phone and then device. These updates can include improvements to Bluetooth, sound, Vi’s internal sensors for voice recognition and physiological stats, and more.

What apps does Vi integrate with?

Vi integrates with Google Fit, Apple HealthKit, Spotify Premium, Strava, and the local music on your phone. We are currently working on integrations for Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

For a more detailed list of FAQ's, please visit our Support Page


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Warranty Information

If your Vi biosensing earphones are defective when you receive them, we’ll make it right immediately. For US customers, if you develop a problem later that’s our fault, we’ll either (at our option) ship you the parts that need to be replaced along with detailed instructions, or ship it back to us for repair or replacement – in either case, for free, including shipping.

For international customers, parts and repairs are free, but shipping is not included.

The Vi team warrants that during the warranty period, we will, at its sole discretion, remedy defects in (materials or workmanship free of charge either by a) repairing, or b) replacing, or c) refunding, subject to the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country of purchase, unless local law stipulate otherwise. Processing of all warranty claims will be handled by the the place of purchase of Vi product, and according to the geographic area where the purchase was made.

Warranty Period

The Limited Warranty Period starts when the product ships. The Warranty Period is one (1) year in North America. International warranty periods vary subject to local laws and the policies of the authorized importer or the local distributor for the geographic area where the purchase was made. International warranties are at a minimum one (1) year.